The Value of Words to a Poet


I am Aleeya Davis and the following piece is one that is dear to me. I found myself writing this piece after I lost faith in everything around me while entering a new chapter of life. The only thing I did not give up on is the power of words and this encouraged me to write about poetry's importance to me. I hope the reader of this poem can be inspired to push through whatever challenges they may face on their road to acceptance.

Poetry isn't another form of healing for me in fact I believe it is a cure
One that doesn't leave me feeling obscure of my truth as a black girl in a world of wonder,
One that makes my heart beat like thunder when I write about the dreams of my mother and her struggle to be Haitian in a country that promised her salvation.

Poetry isn't a single ride pass it's an unlimited form of transportation
One that doesn't take one route to get to my destination
One that values the twist and turns of life and pressures me to continue to write about young girls not having the right to their education because of the restrictions of a divided nation.

Poetry isn't my sidekick it's my hero, fighting every battle within  myself
One that speaks for me in the face of danger even against the ones who became strangers
One  that uses its powers to compel me to know that I am worth every praise I receive when I accomplish something I don't want but need
And I am thankful for all that it's done throughout my journey.

Aleeya Davis