My Time With Glo

I had decided to calm my pre-interview nerves with the most Gen Z antidote out there: a scroll through Instagram. In my defense, this wasn’t my typical aimless wandering through the feed. This time, my social media venture had purpose; I was on the @shopglo page, staring at the company that I would soon be interviewing with for a potential staff position. What better way to encourage myself for this encounter, I figured, than to re-explore the messages of empowerment in each Glo post?

As I scanned each post, I wondered how the Glo I had admired for so long online would translate to real-life. Their message and apparel were undoubtedly incredible, but I couldn’t help but worry perhaps I just wouldn’t belong. I also feared I might be getting in over my head: as a first-year college student recently moving to NYC, I had already added several new stressors to my plate. Though passionate about Glo’s mission, I worried that working for a company so soon after starting college would become a detriment to my mental health.

Now, two months into working as a senior editor of Glo Hub, I’ve never felt happier or more motivated.

Even during my initial meeting with Zehra Naqvi, Glo’s founder and CEO, she emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental health. This considerate attitude towards my schedule and school-work has let me write passionately for Glo Hub without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. As a college student in an environment where pressures are always looming, I could not be more appreciative of Glo’s concerned attitude towards its personnel’s education and well-being, and I think Glo’s mission empowering others is truly evident even in its care for its own team.

The Glo of Instagram—innovators of ethical and socially-aware fashion, advocates of girl bosses and people of color—could not be a more accurate representation of the team behind each post. The energy, creativity, and kindness of each of my coworkers truly inspires me to grow as a writer, girl boss, friend, and social advocate. I have also grown from the opportunities Glo has provided for me to help give back and empower others through events like Kali Box’s Period Packing Party and Columbia University’s Identity Designed Fashion Show. Lastly, of course, I’ve been motivated by the incredible artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders I’ve met while sharing their stories on the Hub; the impact their passions have made on the world gives me hope and inspires me to help make a difference wherever I can. Through Glo, I hope I can do just that.

It’s true what they say: you can’t always trust what you see online. In Glo’s case, however, their online presence hardly does the company—and the people who run it—justice. I’m grateful for such a supportive and passionate Glo team, and I’m proud to work for a company that’s truly committed to making the world a better place for us all.

Gretta Kissell