Welcome Home

My obsession with trying to please you only grew until I was unable to recognize the porcelain doll in the mirror.

She had tears so full of frustration that she was able to mimic the picture of a  watercolor painting.

The Value of Words to a Poet

Poetry isn't another form of healing for me in fact I believe it is a cure
One that doesn't leave me feeling obscure of my truth as a black girl in a world of wonder,
One that makes my heart beat like thunder when I write about the dreams of my mother and her struggle to be Haitian in a country that promised her salvation.

Social Media Self-Care

Social media can be toxic when working to maintain a healthy relationship with food, your body, and mental health—but it can also be a valuable asset if used correctly. Because media inevitably impacts your mindset whether or not you realize it, harnessing the power of your content exposure can greatly influence what you take away from a scroll down your feed.

Words From A Father


I don’t know if my voice was lost as it travelled the gap to you, or if your ears were protected with a wall of ignorance, or worst, if it was my own indecision and weakness. I guess I was one of those “stupid girls” from my father’s stories. (trigger warning: sexual assault)

New Year, Same Me?

There’s rarely a direct reason for my anxiety—it swells and recedes with little announcement and less explanation—but there’s always ample frustration over it: after all, January 1st doesn’t feel like a fresh start when you wake up with dread of getting out of bed.

Why I Vote

Midterm elections are tomorrow, and we at GLO want to encourage everyone who can to head to the polls. By using our voices to choose our leaders and our laws, we help bring about a better world for our country’s minorities and marginalized. But don’t just take our word for it: GLO reached out to the newest generation of voters from all over the United States to see why voting is important to them.

My Time With Glo

I had decided to calm my pre-interview nerves with the most Gen Z antidote out there: a scroll through Instagram. In my defense, this wasn’t my typical aimless wandering through the feed. This time, my social media venture had purpose; I was on the @shopglo page, staring at the company that I would soon be interviewing with for a potential staff position.

Am I Good Enough?

I sit behind my screen, tapping away as my brain swells with ideas while I contently listen to my favorite song, which, right now, is Beautiful Boy by John Lennon. Someone else at this exact moment might be running a marathon, donating his kidney to a loved one, or even funding a non-profit organization founded on the beliefs of universal healthcare and ending child poverty.


Riya Kataria explores her identity and how her appearance affects her day to day life eloquently rebutting those who diminish her through this poem.

Terrorism: East Versus West

Zehra’s frustration with lack of news on terrorist attacks in South Asia, West Asia, and Africa came to a boiling point when the death of 137+ people and 100+ injured in a terrorist attack in Pakistan received little to no attention from the media; she explains the hypocrisy and how you can stay informed.


Zehra explains her journey exploring her identity and her appearance; what did other people see when they saw her? What did she see in herself?