Vera Wang: Graphic (Not Fashion) Designer

Raised in Toronto, Vera was always attached to the arts as part of her immigrant experience. She remembers moving to a basement home where she drew all over the walls. She also remembers the long miles her mom would drive just to get her to art class. Her love for drawing continued, where she applied for an arts high school when she was older. In the midst of the city’s thriving arts and culture scene, she was able to take art classes every single day, typically spending four hours in a classroom drawing and painting. Vera’s fine arts background easily translated into her interest in graphic design. With Toronto’s tech and finance scene, she was able to explore the realm of entrepreneurship by joining various marketing and UI design roles. Working with Deloitte Canada, Vera created three student start-ups starting from her sophomore year of highschool: LadderUp, an online resume portal, Sitto, an Uber for babysitting, and Intrst, a financial product ranking platform. Vera explored her role in marketing and design, while leading teams that dove into marketing campaigns, graphic design, and product creation. Art allowed her to become a leader.

While Vera’s high school start-up journey has ended, she still makes sure to dedicate time towards graphic design and the arts. She has been a freelance artist since 16, designing logos, posters, and campaigns for various local businesses and consulting companies back in Toronto. As she prepares for a career in the financial services industry, Vera will always keep her creative side with her. Freelancing allows Vera to keep exercising her fine arts background, while allowing her to have time to pursue her technical career as well. Columbia and New York serves as the perfect background to explore the intersection of art, business, and finance.


Zehra Naqvi