Tiara De Silva: The Sri Lankan Advocate and Singer (Music Matters)

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Growing up, Tiara didn’t know any kids that had the same medical conditions that she did. Not a single person she knew had the severity of eczema that she does, and whenever someone said they had it, their sentence ended with, “Yeah but my Eczema is gone now”. However, that wasn’t the case for Tiara and it never would be. As Tiara got older and got more into social media, she saw girls and boys that had perfect bodies, smooth, unfiltered skin and it made her extremely self conscious. But one day she received a message from a girl she knew saying that she too had an eczema breakout and how she felt. Tiara explained how she felt the exact same way, scarred, itchy and in some way unworthy, because she didn’t look like girls on social media. Tiara then had an idea to share my story in hopes it’d reach other girls and boys just like her, no matter how vulnerable she’d feel.

"The one thing that kept me inspired throughout all my life was music. Music is such a powerful outlet. It helped me figure out what i wanted to do with my life and that I’m not alone. Music was mine. I could go on my iPod Nano and find any song i wanted too and sing it out loud and anything that was stressing me or making me upset or angry, all of a sudden disappeared."  Tiara explains,  “As strange as this may sound, music and the arts in general are a very powerful and beautiful outlet. There’s no limit and that’s what i love about it. “ Tiara has now made it her goal to use her voice to advocate for mental health and wants to show every boy and girl of all races, ages and backgrounds that music is powerful

"I personally have been advocating for almost a year now. Advocating for music, eczema, epilepsy, but most of all mental health. I decides to speak up about it because I’d struggled with it so much secretly, alone and would never fully acknowledge my mental health and how important it is. But once I realised how negatively my medical conditions were affecting me, I used social media to voice my story and experiences and amazingly, hundreds of people messaged me showing support and telling me their personal stories."

"I love to sing and speak about my passions, especially social justice and human rights. I think my passion for human rights stems from my sisters. They’re both successful lawyers and i was very interested watching them and reading their assignments and textbooks about law. As well as what I’ve just listed, i absolutely love Hercule Poirot."

Sophia Naqvi