Sanjeev: Old Bollywood Phool

SNJV is an artist who creates performances that are inspired by Old Bollywood and the stillness of every moment.

Phool means flower in Hindi and this project was inspired by the simple presence of a flower and how much it can transform a moment. We can admire its beauty and scent but what happens when the petals fall off? SNJV was moved by that thought and knew TIVN and Jcap could help bring this inspiration to life.

The privilege of performing allows SNJV to be visible in spaces that are typically built for performers who closely follow norms of society and culture. They choose to appreciate but not follow the mold that adheres to social norms. Living within his own light, SNJV bravely creates art in order to be visible to those who may not have the privilege to share their creativity openly. Identities are designs in a kaleidoscope, and they seeks to validate the beauty of all our parts and encourage all of us to find and dance to our own beat in life.

All of their performances are created with one thing in heart, unconditional love. It’s the only perfect feeling because perfection exists without conditions. Phool is a display of that unconditional love between two souls. This project shows how the love shared between two has evolved into a place of cosmic stillness. The beauty of the soul is shared in moments between two and this video hints at those moments. These moments of stillness and creation were born of a tumultuous and arduous journey through contrast and tears. They explain that our heart is a flower and needs water to grow. The tears from our eyes are the rain the soil needs and sometimes a storm is needed for a garden to bloom in abundance. Once that promise blooms, it all makes sense. Once that promise fades, a new one is on the horizon.

SNJV is guided by challenging an adage that we often hear, “live life with your glass half full.” Live in your most positive light, be happy all the time. He explains that while it’s a nice thought we all know that is not possible and sustainable. We need real feelings to navigate life. They are not worried about their cup being half full or empty, they’re just grateful to have a cup. Simply that. It's a cup, a vessel and they don’t care what's in it, they are just happy to have it.

One thing that they've come to reflect upon are the thoughts that cloud their mind. Through therapy and mental health support, they were able to find the treasure in reflection and honesty about their feelings. Therapy changed the way they interacted with their own mind which is wired to be a little extra sometimes. They started to watch their thoughts and take note of what was being said and done and how they were acting or reacting in different situations and spaces that required certain identities to be more present. They recognized that some situations deserved a different reaction and some situations required full action. In spaces where certain identities were actively oppressed, they shined brighter, despite the fear around them. The one place he found that he was free of all resistance is in the moment. In this moment. The necessary indulgence of stilling the mind was transformative. Once he began indulging in the present moment and releasing the resistance to all the ideas, he began finding the beat of life and blossoming into the Phool that he is. We bloom where we are planted and he blossoms under the spotlight.


Zehra Naqviz