Maxine Vidal: Aspiras

Fundacion Aspiras was founded by a group of college students in the Dominican Republic. The president, Federico, had the opportunity to study abroad at Western Michigan University. During his junior year of college, he had an idea of collecting donations in the form of soccer gear and clothing to send back to his home country. During his first drive, he gathered 4 times the amount he expected. In that moment, he realized how much of a discrepancy there was between local Dominican kids who were eager to play soccer with no real gear (i.e. balls or soccer nets) and local American kids who were out growing there old gear and buying new ones. This realisation allowed for Aspiras to be born. Aspiras connects Dominican children and young adults to the values soccer, and raises awareness for underprivileged children. Aspiras is built under 5 core values which include: teamwork, discipline, leadership, responsibility, and perseverance. We hope to instill these values to the lives of our volunteers, athletes, and leaders.

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Aspiras is now expanding into various educational institutions around the world. Its’ goal is to spread the spirit of soccer in hopes of having children fight for their dreams. It’s incredible how a sport can provide many opportunities for people. Aspiras intends to ensure that soccer builds a platform for individuals from low-income to jump start their lives to a better future.        

As a volunteer of the Aspiras Foundation, Maxine is proud to announce the dedication and commitment the team has towards their initiative. They are planning to spread the concept of Aspiras to other cities, as well as a trip to the Dominican Republic so they can tour the academies and see the children they are helping from afar. Maxine invites you to check out their website to learn in hopes of you supporting the initiative.

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