Tatiana Glover: Mahogany

Explain how your project came about

Tatiana: Mahogany was founded on the fact that identity was a topic of conversation that I began to struggle with and I continued to question things about my life that I didn’t realize I may have been subconsciously naive to. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized the world that I wanted to be a part of so bad wasn't very welcoming of girls like myself. -- Black, plus sized and intellectual? It seemed as though the fashion industry amongst many other industries lacked diversity and inclusion and I wanted to have a say so in that. With that, Mahogany was born and I’d like to think that I always had the dream of building my own brand but it was only a matter of time when.


What inspired you?

Tatiana: All of the women in my personal and professional life have made a tremendous impact in my growth and the many bodies of work that I’ve manifested thus far. It only seemed right that I owed it to them and myself to remind each other of our style, internal beauty and grace. Mahogany was birthed through the many experiences we all share as women of color. None of us are one in the same but I think it is our unique stories and life experiences that showcase that there is no one way to define our complex identities.  

How long have you been doing this project/work? What made you decide to do it?

Tatiana: The brand has only been in this social world for about a six months since we launched in the beginning of this year. I truly believe that the brand already existed in my many thoughts but it took the courage and many low moments for me to realize it was now or never.

Explain more about yourself and your interests

Tatiana: For those who don’t know I am a current senior in the BFA program studying Integrated Design with a minor in Fashion Communications. I had a hiccup midway through my studies when I transitioned majors from the Communication Design program. I wanted to merge my passion for social justice, communications and fashion design to create an ethos that would go beyond.

How does your heritage and background affect your work?

Tatiana: Being Black in America has always will always have an impact on my profession and the work that I continue to create will always be a reflection of my identity. I think it valuable to see ourselves in the spaces we take up, the work we put out and we as a society need to reconsider the ways in which we think about the mixing pot of cultural identities that this country makes up. Being a first generation college student, being a young black woman and many other identities that I embody is worthy of acknowledgement. Take up space because you owe it to yourself, be heard and be seen and we will see a brighter future for us ALL.

Zehra Naqvi