Humza Mian: Desi Drag - BITESIZE

Humza started drag almost 3 years ago on Halloween with his boyfriend. They were both big fans of the show Rupaul's Drag Race and thought it'd be fun to dress up as drag queens for one night and have fun! 

Bollywood and Desi fashion are always inspiring Humza even more so he's inspired by: Ivory Towers (Toronto Drag queen), Hungry (German Drag Queen), Kim Chi (RPDR Drag Queen).

Humza is an RVT full-time (Registered Veterinary Technician) and has always had a huge passion for veterinary medicine.  Humza is a visual artist who loves drawing realism portraits and anime. 

Humza's drag is heavily influenced by his South Asian heritage. He loves wearing Desi clothing (lenghas, sarees, etc.) and especially loves Desi jewelry!

Before drawing on my face became a norm for me (haha!) I used to draw on paper! You can almost always spot me wearing a naath (nose ring) and some jhumka style earrings! Drag has become a great way for me to express the femininity that I was told not to show all throughout my childhood.
It kinda just stuck after that - we kept playing with makeup and fooling around. About 1.5 years ago, we went to Rupaul’s Drag Con and that’s where I first got noticed for my South Asian inspired drag. I then realized the need for representation of Desi/ South Asian queens in the queer community.