Alyson O'Neal: Animation and Art - BITESIZSE

Currently in school for animation, Aly's latest project is still in the works. In June, she and her partner Hannah Smith wrote and pitched a tv show called The Dead Eye Pirate to a major producer. While the show wasn't picked up, Aly is currently in pre production stage on producing the show using other students. The Dead Eye Pirate is a diverse cartoon about pirates, the main character is Santiago, a young medic seeking fortune to change her life. 

It was very important to us to show a diverse team, led by POC and women. The Dead Eye Pirate’s villains are stupid funny and some are historically accurate. 
— Alyson O'Neal

She bounces back between 2D and Stop Motion fabrication. Currently she is also aiding in two films for prop fabrication and 2D cleanup. 

Moving nine times and living in Hong Kong has risen the importance of diverse characters and storyline. Each of her characters are inspired by the people around her.

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