Taylar Enlow: Sonku Writers

Taylar Enlow, the president and founder of Sonku Writers, considers herself to be an “ancestor in training.” It’s no surprise that the rising Temple University junior regards herself as such because you can tell from the moment you meet her that she is an old soul. A lover of writing in the early mornings in her room, Enlow started Sonku in October of 2018 in hopes of creating a space for black and brown creative writers/artists to share, refine, and ultimately be uplifted in their craft. She noticed an absence of spaces like Sonku, so decided it was time for one to be created.

However, she didn’t necessarily find it difficult to break into the art scene already present on campus. She believes that she didn’t break into anything at all. Enlow states that she “created her own space and parts of the art scene started coming to [them]” at Sonku. When it comes to dealing with struggles pertaining to running and curating for Sonku, Enlow gives appreciation to the community she is surrounded by. She finds them as well as her team reliable and remembers that Sonku is bigger than herself, it is a space for voices to be heard and that is her motivation to continue with the work.


Some words of encouragement and advice Taylar has for people of color within any space include remembering the strength in not selling yourself short to others. Often times people of color feel a sense to try and be palatable to those they share spaces with, but Enlow states that she is “not willing to compromise [her] identity, art, or [her] platform. She reminds creators of color that they must represent themselves correctly, because if they don’t then no one is going to. She also recommends that “whatever you’re trying to manifest, if it’s important to you, do it.” Enlow believes that you don’t need instant success, starting small and using the resources you have is all you’re required to do. You also don’t have to grind everyday. “You have your entire life to create, focus on where you are, what is realistic for you, and let it guide you”.

I asked Enlow where she sees herself and Sonku in three years. By that time, Enlow will be 23 ½ years old. It will be her first year away from Sonku. She hopes by that time that the club and organization is well developed and known on campus. She also hopes to be in grad school, have something published whether it be a book or a chapter in a book, and she wants to be able to financially help Sonku in order for resources to be more accessible to the group.

Enlow is a young Black woman creative living in America, and she recognized that the odds are stacked against her as well as people like her. Sonku is the result of that, the brainchild of someone who understands what it isn’t like to be seen or heard. She hopes to serve as inspiration to others to get going on doing what they love and being unapologetic about it.

Check out Sonku Writer’s website and Instagram; you can also see what else Taylar is up to on her own Instagram and blog.

Hafeezat Bishi