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Boshemia Magazine

Boshemia Magazine is an international magazine focusing on the intersection of feminism and creative work. Largely developed by and for feminist-identifying womxn, nonbinary and queer folks, this magazine has drawn the attention of public figures like Krysten Ritter, Manila Luzon, and Laverne Cox. Read below to learn more about the creators and the passion behind this magazine.

Explain how your project came about/your work

In April 2016, three best friends — Eileen Elizabeth (E), Sarah Qudsia (Q), and Sarah Lawrence (L) — came together to create a platform for feminist creative work and community. After a year of publishing online at Boshemia Blog, we collaborated with another friend who is now an editor and columnist at Boshemia (Alex Nolan) to make Boshemia Magazine in print.


We first came together in the south west of England whilst at university. We now operate trans-atlantically between the USA, UK, and France This work is a labour of our love and passion for raising up the voices of womxn, nonbinary, and LGBTQ+ folks.

What inspired you?

We wanted a platform for our creative work and the feminist communities that we engaged with locally, and to bridge those worlds together.

How long have you been doing this project/work? What made you decide to do it?

Boshemia has been ongoing since April 2016. We were wholly uninspired by the social media landscape at the time and did not feel connected to so-called feminist magazines we were finding. We knew personally so many talented creatives and did not see the right platform for their social-justice-leaning work, so we made our own.

Explain more about yourselves and your interests

Of the three cofounders, collectively we are a doctor and pop culture critic (Q), an eighteenth century literature scholar and designer (L), and a multimedia producer / writer (E). We are interested in the intersection of pop culture and feminism, in challenging traditional representations of gender, and in creating a media landscape that reflects our queer communities.

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Our entire Boshemia team is composed of 9 incredibly talented volunteer creatives situated in the UK, France, and the USA. To read more about our team, click here. Collectively we are immersed in storytelling as activism, and believe that engaging in feminist creative work is one way to fight the patriarchy.

How does your heritage + background (your hometown, where you were raised, etc) affect your work?

Two of the cofounders come from white working class backgrounds and one of the cofounders is the daughter of Indian-Muslim immigrants. Our ethnicities and economic backgrounds inform our worldviews and our work; we value parity, equality, and diversity in our feminist community. A majority of our creative team identifies as queer, and all identify as strong feminists, which provides a framework for our publication.

What is the purpose of BOSHEMIA? What's your mission?

Boshemia is a beautiful “fuck you” to the gatekeeping of journalism and the art world. We represent the experimental, the new, the up-and-coming, the outspoken, the underrepresented. Boshemia is a space for the voices of womxn, non-binary and queer folk to exist and express themselves unapologetically.

Boshemia is an independent online and print magazine revolving on arts and culture through a energised, engaged, inclusive feminist lens. We are a global collective of storytellers and activists, with a core team based in UK, USA and France, and collaborators from all four corners of the earth.

How does the world affect your goals or what you hope to achieve with BOSHEMIA?  

We are witnessing a shift in mainstream culture that has made room for feminist dialogue and pop culture. We think that this welcoming attitude for feminist discourse has embraced our publication and platform and made room for us to come through and capture new readers.

With Boshemia, we hope to continue to expand our platform into digital and irl spaces. We plan to continue our print magazine well into the future, defying the current narrative that print is dead. Our print magazine is on the frontlines of engaging with feminist communities around the world, through creative works and storytelling, and we don’t plan to quit.

Boshemia also regularly hosts creative workshops and lectures. If you’d like to have us lead a zine-making workshop or give a talk on the history of magazines or feminist pop culture, drop us a line at

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Maya Siegel: Writer, Survivor, Environmental Advocate

Maya Siegel: Writer, Survivor, Environmental Advocate

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