Poize Workwear: Feminism with Femininity

Here at GLO, we believe what you wear matters. Clothing can make a statement, enhance confidence, and represent one’s beliefs and identity.

Poize Workwear founders Grace and Alexandra also recognize the power clothing can have, especially in the business world, where having confidence often feels like half the battle. After Grace began work in a law firm two years ago, she realized there was a lack of easy access to stylish and professional clothing that was affordable for young women like herself. Though she could occasionally find a nice blouse on one website and a stylish skirt on another, she realized there weren't any stores catering specifically to professional young women looking to make a statement on a budget.

Grace decided to fill this need, pitching the idea to her roommate—and now business-partner—Alexandra. They quickly got to work on their new business venture: Poize Workwear, which the two describe as “an accessible marketplace that provides stylish, professional pieces from across the globe.” The businesswomen have spent the past two years compiling affordable, stylish business attire onto one website for women everywhere; their first launch will be in March 2019. But more than just a retailer, Poize Workwear’s goal is to help women feel confident in who they are as individuals and as women, especially in corporate careers that have been historically male-dominated.

Co-founders Grace and Alexandra, who are pictured above respectively.

Co-founders Grace and Alexandra, who are pictured above respectively.

These ladies are also on a mission to include all women in their business model, as they recognize that “the fashion industry and retail industry doesn’t represent a large range of body shapes and sizes.” Because they want to relate to as many individual woman as possible, Poize’s models will be a wide range of body types; in fact, they will be using close friends as models in order to better represent the full spectrum of everyday women. Poize also acknowledges that finding the right fit while online shopping can be difficult. To remedy this, they will provide a bio for each model with facts about sizing, height, and weight to further aid women trying to find the best fit for their body.

Beyond their brand, the two women are currently curating a blog to help provide a community empowering women everywhere. Their first article “Not a Feminist,” which will be accessible to the public in the near future, explores misunderstandings surrounding feminism and shares the important message behind Poize’s work: to remind women that they can be successful without sacrificing style or feminine identity.

“Women fighting to be seen in male-dominated industries sometimes feel like they must force themselves to act or appear a certain way to fit in to a ‘man’s’ world,” Alexandra explains. “We want to merge the strength of feminism with the elegance of femininity; we can be a powerhouse in the industry while also appearing elegant and stylish if we so desire.”

Grace and Alexandra remind their Poize ladies that "we don’t want you to blend into the world - we want you to stand out and be confident in your individuality. Be yourselves, be true to who you are, and go out there and slay it.”

Poize Workwear’s first launch will be in March of 2019; follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates, and check out their website!

Gretta Kissell