Aboriginal Roots: Filipino Solidarity

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The main goal for Aboriginal Roots is to reclaim our diverse indigenous Filipino cultures as well as empower the Filipino community from across the globe by tackling social issues such as colorism, colonial mentality, classism and by promoting Filipino pride. 

Living in Australia, us three sisters were raised in a much different culture in comparison to the Philippines, so we didn't have the blessing to be fluent in our mother tongue nor be familiar with our roots. 

But despite growing up having the lifestyle and mentality of your average Australian, we still found that we didn't quite fit in, purely for not matching the sandy-haired, blue-eyed and slightly tanned Australian stereotype. 

We weren't quite Australian despite growing up there and we weren't quite Filipino despite it being our ethnicity. We were completely out of step - we were foreigners in both places we called home. 

Determined to find our true identity, our journey of self discovery began. We knew all the basics in Australia, but we wanted to know more about our heritage. Over the years of long and arduous self-education, we finally felt comfortable in proudly calling ourselves Filipino-Australians and found our self-worth and validity. (But our minds and knowledge are still growing till this day!)

We know many diasporic Filipinos from all around the world have gone through and are experiencing the exact same experience that we have, yet, there are hardly any activism and empowerment accounts for the Filipino community on social media. 

It was bizarre when us three sisters realised this, so we decided that we would do our part in helping our fellow brothers, sisters and non-binary folk and dedicate an account that would assist them in learning about their heritage and self-worth. 

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Aboriginal Roots is purely for the people - not for the people behind the screen. We do not wish to be the face of Aboriginal Roots - we wish to be the voice and we will do our best to empower and fight for the Filipino community by yelling at the very top of our lungs! 


Aboriginal Roots approaches and focuses on empowering the Filipino community but touches on an even larger issue which is the negligence and superiority complexes within Asia.  South and South East Asians are often disregarded due to the countries in these regions having darker skin.  This is essentially a form of colorism.  When I came to know of Aboriginal Roots and their message of empowerment and addressing these issues, Sophia and I were touched to see another group of girlbosses addressing issues that plague the Asian community.  Once we’re no longer afraid to stand up and speak about these issues only then will we see growth and development; Aboriginal Roots is one group that works towards that and we all want to see other people stand up and speak about similar issues.  - Zehra

zZehra Naqviz