Ehis Ilozobhie: Full-Time Student, Full-Time Influencer

Ask any student on a college campus and they can probably attest: school is hard. Learning how to write a twelve-page paper, study for those endless midterms, and successfully work a decades-old laundry machine can be a lot for a young adult. Ehis Ilozobhie, however, has figured out how to balance all this and more, not just pursuing a German major and two minors (history and politics) at King’s College London, but also running a flourishing YouTube channel.

In fact, Ehis initially started his channel because of college: “I was moving away from Manchester to London for University and thought that YouTube would be the platform to have some sort of video diary. The whole idea was only for my family and friends to be entertained and for me to be able to look back at my growth as an individual.” Ehis’s family and friends weren’t the only ones connecting to his congenial personality and college-oriented content, however; within a few months, his account grew from 7 followers to several thousands. A year later, Ehis has 18,000 subscribers following his posts about college life, his Nigerian heritage, and everything in-between. But the numbers aren’t what matter to Ehis. Rather, he loves the relationships he has made with his subscribers as well as with other influencers, commenting that “it’s honestly mind-blowing for me to call someone I used to religiously watch my friend. A lot can change in a year.”

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My culture is genuinely my first love and will always remain that.

Where does Ehis’s passion and motivation come from? He credits his family, faith, and heritage, explaining that “my culture is genuinely my first love and will always remain that.” Ehis was born in Nigeria and raised in a Nigerian Christian home while growing up around Europe; this Nigerian upbringing encouraged him to cultivate relationships, explore his passions, and develop a strong spiritual life. These in turn fuel his channel as well as his future plans: “God-willing,” he says about his goals, “I want to be able to give back to my parents and to society, and especially fund academia and creative sectors for young people.” Ehis’s channel, then, is just the start of him sharing his passions while helping youth find their own.

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Put your health first, because that’s the most important thing.

Ehis’s advice for students trying to balance school, life, and a platform is to stay organized and prioritize: “What I tend to do is write things down and tick things off as I go along; when all things get completed, I reward myself.” He admits that his commitments to school and his channel mean he has to skip leisurely activities from time to time, but he stresses that, ultimately, it’s essential to “put your health first, because that’s the most important thing.” Students everywhere should keep this self-care in mind as they try to find balance in their busy schedules.

School can be hard. But influencers like Ehis help show that balance is possible, as long as you remember to prioritize, organize, and ultimately take care of yourself first.

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Gretta Kissell