What Three Months of Spinning Did to my Outlook on Health

I really really disliked cardio. 

A lot. 

I used to love it when I was younger I used to run so fast and far because I loved how fast my heart used to race.

I love exercising and the way it makes me feel after (not during) but I’d always stick to HIIT or weights or just anything that allowed a break between pushing yourself.  Cardio was always something I feared let alone having to run a mile at school in the blazing heat.

The summer before flying to college I decided that something had to change.  I was getting older and taking care of my health and body became more important to me in a way that it had never before.   I'd tried spinning twice before in high school but after the first time I really felt winded and was sore for four days.  The second time, I just couldn't get to the studio constantly. 

This summer things changed when I flew back home and decided to take my health more seriously than I had before. 

I knew each time that I exercised I felt happier and more productive than on days I didn't workout and so I made it a goal for my three and a half month summer break to workout consistently and understand why health is so important.

Spinning began as a chore; something I had committed to and didn’t want to simply let go.

The way it’s organized is pretty simple. You clip shoes into the bike’s pedals and simply follow along to the instructors movement with some pretty uplifting music guiding your rhythm. There is also a weights track in which you focus specifically on strength training instead of cardio.

Initially I didn’t feel like anything was happening; I didn’t know how to measure how healthy I was becoming and what that even meant at the time. It became pretty apparent over the following weeks that, overall, I felt more energetic. I could breathe deeper and longer. My approach to waking up earlier in the morning didn’t feel like such a drag.