Snail Mucus Saved my Face

This isn't clickbait. 

Yes, that's right.  Snail Mucus saved my skin.  

Transitioning between college, moving 17 hours away (from Hong Kong to New York City), and just the overall excitement and stress that goes into college prep my skin was so confused.  I was oily yet dry and my skin's texture was bumpy all over in a way that I'd never felt before.  To be fair, I'd given up on my skincare routine but my skin hadn't felt so textured since I was 14 and had acne all over my face. 

In moving to New York City, I knew I had to stock up on all Asian beauty items I could find from sheet masks to Etude House makeup.  When shopping in Sasa for all these products, I noticed rows and rows of advertising for Snail Mucus.  Then again when in another Skincare store, I noticed more products marketed with snail mucus.  It was a bit of an impulse buy but I bought a bottle of Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence from Cosrx

Cosrx has other products that reinvigorated my interest in skincare.  There salicylic acid face wash and good morning gel cleanser got me through New York's hot summers and dreadfully dry winters.  So I was fairly comfortable with the brand when I'd started. 

I know the idea of smearing Snail Mucus on your face sounds very odd but I was used to trying anything if my skin would potentially get better. 

The consistency of the product is just as you'd imagine.  It was thick, viscous, clear, and very easy to apply to the face.  

The process of the product is simple.  After cleansing, toner, essence, and following steps in your routine you apply this to your face last.  I'd simply dot it around my face and rub the product in.  Your skin ends up feeling the exact same way it does when removing a sheet mask. I then sleep with the product on my face. 

Waking up in the morning and cleansing my face, I immediately noticed that my skin looked brighter and less dull though it was still textured. 

Using this product consistently in combination with a proper skincare routine I notice the results in the morning immediatly but it even helped my textured skin relax. 

Snail Mucus' restorative and reviving properties helped my skin adjust to a brand new climate and it is a staple that I had with me constantly when travelling. 

Zehra Naqvibeauty