GLO's Fav Running Spots in NYC

The New York Marathon pretty much dominates most of the media news when it comes to running in New York -- and we all know how difficult for us to secure a spot in this race dating back to 1970.

But for those of us who are not running gods or prefer a less competitive environment, where can we find spots for a 2-10+ mile jog around Manhattan?

Let me give you a rundown (no pun intended) of my favorite spots around the island. Just for reference, I’m based uptown, so that’s where I usually start (and end, unless I cut the run short and take the subway back uptown).

  1. My personal favorite: Riverside Park. It runs all the way up and down the Hudson Coast. On a particularly adventurous day you might run all the way up to ~190th and stop by the Met Cloisters. The prettiest stretch is arguably between 120th and 60th, where several piers grace a view of Jersey Shore, and boats and sailboats are a common sight. The Riverside trail even extends all the way down to Battery Park!

  2. Columbus Avenue. Though it might not seem to be the most likely choice, Columbus Avenue features a wide bike trail that doubles perfectly as a running path. So when you want to run by the best that the Upper West Side has to offer. Magnolia Bakery, anyone?

  3. Wall Street. What? On a weekend -- I highly, highly recommend a run around the Financial District. Running here on the weekend means that every area, with the exception of Charging Bull, is a bit less crowded, and the brick road is a shady refuge from the rest of the sunny city trails.

  4. Last but not least, I would take a gander around Park Avenue. Why Park? Madison and Fifth are lovely, but you’ll likely be caught in crowds gawking at Bvlgari’s newest Serpenti collection. Park, with its wide streets, features equally wide sidewalks and less foot traffic, and a wonderfully direct route from lower east all the way to East Harlem.

All in all -- stick to the coasts -- especially the Hudson shore.

Happy running from GLO!

Zehra Naqvi