South Asian Selfcare: Uptaan Scrub

Uptaan Scrubs have been used by South Asian women for generations.  I remember my grandmother making it for me when I was eight; she taught me everything there was to know about skincare.  What using hot water on my face would do, what using cold water would do.  She taught me why coconut oil was so important for my hair and what to do if my skin got greasy.  The best thing she taught me was the Uptaan Scrub. 

This scrub is made from Turmeric, Basin, some Lime juice and Rosewater (at least my grandmother's version was). 

It is very important when making this mask that you understand the ingredients going into it and how much you should use of each. 

1.) A pinch of turmeric.  Going overboard with turmeric is the wrong move.  It can irritate your skin and do more harm than good if too much is used. 

2.) A small squeeze of lime juice.  Again, going overboard can damage your skin given how acidic lime juice is.  

Use very small amounts of lime juice + Turmeric as they are the most concentrated ingredients 


It functions as any other scrub does.  You mix the ingredients together and apply it to your face.  

zZehra Naqviz