iPad Pro: Why It Will Change Your Life

Three Reasons You Need the iPad Pro in Your Life

In August 2017, I unassumingly walked into my Precalculus class, not knowing that there, I’d discover something that would change my life: the iPad Pro. Each teacher in the math department had been assigned an iPad Pro to use while teaching, and after a few weeks of observing how my teacher used her iPad Pro as a notebook, sketchpad, and computer, I decided that I needed to get one for myself.

To date, the iPad Pro has been my favorite and most useful purchase. It’s transformed the way I take notes, read the news, edit photos, watch movies, read books, and listen to music, amongst a host of other uses it has. Below, I’m going to be sharing five reasons why you need the iPad Pro in your life.

  1. It’s just like a computer - but you can write on it, too.

The best thing about the iPad Pro is the fact that it has almost all of the capabilities of a standard MacBook, but you can also write on it! This was the main reason I decided to get an iPad Pro. Having the Apple Pencil and using an app like Notability or OneNote to annotate handouts or fill out worksheets in class was essential to me staying organized and productive during the busyness of Junior Year. The Apple Pencil is an incredible writing tool as well. I was initially worried about how it would be transitioning to using a digital stylus instead of pencils and pens, but the transition was seamless. Lastly, depending on the app, you have access to multitudes of different pen colors, widths, and types - so if you’re someone who needs to have colorful, pretty notes (like me!) then the iPad Pro will satisfy, or even exceed your expectations.

2. An amazing entertainment experience

Something I never fail to show anyone when they ask me whether they should get an iPad pro is the sensational entertainment features built into it. The 10.9 inch and 12.7 inch iPad Pro’s comes with four speakers, with two each on the top and bottom, which allow for a surround sound music experience. Furthermore, having four speakers allows for loud, crisp sound. Additionally, watching Netflix on the iPad Pro is a completely different experience, so much so that I almost always watch Netflix on my iPad Pro rather than my MacBook. The portability of the iPad, the quality of sound, and the high definition of the display make it absolutely essential for all netflix watchers. Furthermore, the iPad Pro layout allows Netflix to be playing in the corner of your screen while you have another app open - so it’s perfect for binging Friends while finishing your homework, research, or project.

3. It declutters and lightens your bag.

Anyone close to me knows that my bag in September of Junior Year wasn’t exactly organized, and taking 4 AP classes and two additional pre-AP classes didn’t help the chaos inside my school bag, either. Using the iPad Pro helped to declutter and lighten my bag by a lot. Instead of lugging around 5 notebooks, a pencil case stocked with every type of pen, and my laptop, I was carrying my laptop, my iPad, and my apple pencil. It made life so much easier in that regard.

Zehra Naqvis