Lush: Best and Worst Products

Walking into a LUSH store feels like walking into a playground of products.  From the friendly welcome you get at the door to the generous offers of sample sizes we both love LUSH.

From our favs to our hates here's products we highly recommend (and don't).  I just want to reiterate that the way that I used these products didn't work for me personally.  You could have a totally different experience from ours be it a good or bad one.  These are just our opinions. 

1.) Herbalism is an amazing cleanser.  It smells clean, fresh, and does what it promises to do.  I personally think this is my favorite cleanser from lush.  The granules in the solution help with the texture of my skin but it isn't overly rough to where I feel like I'm scrubbing away my skin (@ St Ives).  The chlorophyll in Herbalism really soothes my skin which counteracts the partially rough texture of the product.  The sage and rosemary work in the same way that tea tree oil does in calming and treating problem areas. 
2.) Don't Look At Me is a very fun face mask.  As soon as I saw that it was bright blue I thought of every chick flick I'd watched as a young girl with blue facemasks and cucumber eye patches.  The color is a huge plus for the product and yet the other benefits somehow make the product even better. 
3.) Coffee Scrub + Ocean Salt Scrub both feel amazing on the skin and are some of the only body scrubs that we feel like work but don't damage the skin with abrasive beads.  The Coffee Scrub wakes the body up with the instant smell of caffeine twisting the jar open.  The finer texture of the ground coffee beans makes it great to use on the face and if you have sensitive skin we'd recommend this scrub.  The Ocean Salt Scrub is more intense with lime juice and salt.  This is a great overall scrub to use on areas of the body with tougher skin. 

1.) Dark Angels is a scrub that some people swear by but it didn't work well with us.  Unlike Herbalism, Dark Angels leaves black residue wherever it's placed on the skin if too much water is added.  Even if used correctly, it doesn't feel like the product does much besides banking on the "charcoal" aspect to convince people it does something to your skin.  It's a fine exfoliator but it didn't work the same as Herbalism in ease of use and results. 
2.) Angels on Bare Skin again had a great concept but didn't do much for our skin.  The product is fine as an exfoliator or general cleanser but it doesn't live up to its hype similarly to Dark Angels.  

3.) Tea Tree Toner is a gimmick in a bottle.  Applying tea tree oil directly to your face has many more benefits than a tea tree toner does.  

Zehra Naqvis