Managing a Business: Side Hustle? Or Full Time Job?

When people hear that GLO is run by a 17 year old and a 19 year old with a management team, the expectation is that we operate GLO as a “side hustle” or something that’s a second thought to our normal lives.  

However, to me, GLO is a full time job. But how do I manage to make it a full time job? Isn’t it really something that is part time?

It isn’t. Here is how I make sure that I am fully engaged with GLO:

  1. Make time for it everyday.  Whether you’ve launched a registered business or are managing an Etsy shop, you should always find time in a day, even 20 minutes, set aside towards furthering your business. Answer emails, interact on social media, outline a new marketing plan.  Something should be done each day that leads towards your ultimate goal for your business.

  2. Break down large tasks into smaller chunks to target throughout a busy day. For example, if I have to type out the new marketing plan for the summer campaign I will break down writing the introduction, steps, and conclusion throughout a day.  If I have a 20 minute gap during classes I’ll get out my phone and use the google docs app to type out the beginning. Some free time after lunch? Finish the steps. Ending the school day and getting back to my dorm, finish off the product. That way you’re able to achieve larger tasks in a day but you don’t have to dedicate a whole chunk of time to it the way a full time job would expect. You aren’t delaying it or forcing yourself up a little later at night.

  3. On a day to day basis I will break down larger GLO tasks into smaller chunks but I do set aside a few times a week completely dedicated to GLO; think of it as creating a weekly meeting time to check in with your company / collaborative time.

  4. Take courses / electives / clubs that compliment or add to managing your startup. This means taking business management courses, marketing courses, joining an entrepreneur club, venture capital or even finance. Learning skills in school to further your business will always help and add to managing your business. In communities like these on your campus, you can interact with others who are passionate and expand your business.

Zehra Naqvi