How Do I Start My Business?

How Do I Start My Business?

Funding? Branding? Marketing? How do I start my own business?  Zehra goes into a step by step process of how to do it.

Starting a business can seem intimidating, daunting, and stressful. However, it is possible as long as you tell yourself you plan to do it. Starting a business is like working out.  It’s not just about doing everything right, it’s about making sure you’re in a mindset of reminding yourself that it may be tough now, but if you stick it, through you’ll feel amazing and get results.  

There will always be ups and downs, but the way you handle each up and each down is what will shape how your business operates; here are the steps that Sophia and I created.

  1. Idea + Research

  2. Plan Business structure and model

  3. Money? Find out where your funding is coming from. Allocate the funding.

  4. Branding (logo, name)

  5. Register your business! Licenses + permits +  copyright

  6. Finance -- again!

  7. Business location / how are you going to do this?

  8. Get a team ready! Who’s going to be working for you?

  9. Website! Where is this going to operate from?

  10. Set up your social media!  Create a layout / content. Plan how you’ll appeal to followers?  

  11. What is the purpose of your social media? Showcasing your product? Interacting with customers?  Plan how each part of your social media will operate and what its purpose will be.

  12. What is your product!

  13. Making the product? Focus on how to find reliable manufacturers

  14. Marketing strategy (not social media)

  15. Study competitors/market

  16. Press releases

    1. Interviews?

    2. Articles?

  17. Elevator pitches, representing your brand

  18. Building relationships - employees, your customer

  19. Making money and being smart about it - how to manage your finances once orders start coming in

  20. Getting past the (really) hard times - taking care of yourself as founder / CEO

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