Empowerment Campaign Three: What to Expect

We put our all into the third Empowerment Campaign. With our new teams in New York and Hong Kong, this campaign changes that way we handle GLO and what our mission means to us.

So what can you expect with this new campaign?  

New shirts, new slogans, just as inclusive as we were before; only this time, with color!

Our newly released melanin shirt was the most popular and best-selling product for GLO.  We’re bringing the design back, but with a twist that you won’t expect!

Since a lot of you loved the black and white theme for the empowerment campaign, we thought it’d finally be time to add some color into everything! Anticipate three special designs with three guiding colors, each with significant meaning.

Our shirts are controversial. They create conversation. People assume that “Female Future” is synonymous with eliminating men or that “My Culture is Not Your Costume” exaggerates the issue of cultural appropriation. This is not the case. Some will say that our shirts are controversial and some will say they’re necessary. We believe they actively create designs to challenge these norms and create conversation.

We’ve decided to challenge the common phrase “man up” with our own rendition “woman up”.  

Each and everyday we aim to push people to think about what aspects of life go unchallenged. What phrases do we hear or say everyday that perpetuate toxic masculinity and the patriarchy? Or even colorism in our own ethnic group?

We want our shirts to make a statement.

Want to know more about the design process for GLO? Comment below.

Zehra Naqvi